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Oman in Authentic Hungarian Bridle
Oman in Authentic Hungarian Bridle


Oman & Carolyn, Dressage in the Wine Country Show
Oman & Carolyn, Dressage in the
Wine Country Show

Oman & Carolyn, Tevis 1-day 100 mile Endurance Ride
Oman & Carolyn,
Tevis 1-day 100 mile Endurance Ride

Oman with his Dam, Marzalla
Oman with his Dam, Marzalla

Oman's Sire, O'Bajar
Oman's Sire, O'Bajar

Oman & Carolyn, Competitive Trail Event

Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test

Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test

Oman ISR 100-day test
Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test

Oman ISR 100-day test
Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test

Oman ISR 100-day test
Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test

(O'Bajar x Marzalla)

Imported from Germany in 1986, Oman is a leading producer of Shagyas in America. He was named Senior Champion Stallion or Reserve Champion Stallion every time shown at West Coast Sporthorse shows during 1991 and 1992, against all breeds. He has competed in two-day 60 mile competitive rides and 50-mile to 100-mile endurance races, all sound and in good condition. In 1992 Oman won National Champion High Point Horse both in Breeding/Conformation and Endurance/Competitive Trail in both the Arabian Sporthorse Association and in the North American Shagya Society.

Oman was recently awarded his lifetime breeding license by the International Sporthorse Registry. He earned this recognition by successfully completing the ISR 100 day stallion testing with good marks. The only Arabian in a field of all warmbloods, Oman at 15.3 hands was the smallest stallion competing. He was the oldest at age 14 years. He was also the only amateur owner trained horse, and the only one who has successfully competed in 50 mile endurance races. He proved himself in dressage, in character, stamina, and jumping.

Nancy Skakel writes:

Oman jumped as high and ran as fast in better condition than the younger, bigger horses. It was a pleasure to watch him in the cross country phase. The soft mud was hazardous, but he never took a mis-step, making it look easy where others struggled. And he came through his entire training and tested absolutely sound, unlike some of the heavier warmbloods. These are traits warmblood breeders should consider for outcross improvement in their breeding programs.

Cord Wassman, chairman of the German Hannoverian stallion keuring and the Oldenberg Riding Horse Association stated:

"This Arabian, Oman, was one of the best Arabians I have seen in the last few years. He was very good on the cross-country course; has a very good canter and good jumping. This stallion is one [whose type] we also need in Germany."

The finest blend of Shagya horses bred in Europe are found in Oman's pedigree. Oman's bloodlines trace back to the black desert Arabian stallion O'Bajan, born in 1885 and imported to Hungary. There is a very large bronze statue of O'Bajan still standing in Babolna, Hungary. He was a great war horse and there is an old story about O'Bajan traveling many miles home after a terrible battle in which there were no survivors.

Oman's Grandsire
O'Bajan XIII

Gazal VII

From Germany, this particular line of Shagyas are known for their all-around performance capabilities in three-day eventing. Oman's sire, O'Bajar, the winner of the Stallion Licensing in 1980, was named International Champion Stallion twice. His grandsire, Bajar, sired the 1993 German Trakhener horse of the year, "White Girl," who was on the German Olympic Eventing Team for the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. He also sired the Holsteiner Grand Prix jumper, Bacchus.

Oman's dam is the granddaughter of the famous stallion, Gazal VII, who stood at the Hannoverian State Stud at Celle. He sired 19 approved German stallions including the well known Hannoverian Stallion, Czardas. Oman also carries the bloodline that created the great stallion Ramzes, whose blood has shown up in several top performers, such as Saluut II, Romantico, Rembrant (Olympic Gold Medal Dressage winner), and Condus.

Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test
Oman, ISR 100 day Stallion Test

O'Bajar and Obelisk, Oman's full brother, received the highest points during their 100-Day Stallion Testing in Medingen, Germany in 1982 and 1986. They are both approved for Trakhener breeding. Oman was approved for breeding before leaving Germany.

Currently a favorite Shagya stallion in Germany is Oman's beautiful bay son, Kamaloka. Standing 16hh, Kamaloka stayed in the top five during his 100-day Stallion Testing and placed third in the jumping phase. He is licensed for breeding by the German Verband.

Approved Oman son Kamaloka, Standing in Germany
Approved Oman son
Standing in Germany

In Europe it is customary to spread out the best stallions instead of allowing many of the same type to be kept in one country. Oman has several full brothers that are approved stallions standing in different countries: the International Champion Stallion, Omar, stands in Austria; Obelisk now stands in Germany since returning from Switzerland; and Osiris stands in Italy. Orotold stood in Germany before dying in a trailer accident and Kalifa stands in Germany.

Oman has proved himself to be a great producer. He has shown that he is prepotent in passing on qualities of fine temperament, refinement, extremely strong topline with especially smooth coupling, good bone, substance and excellent jumping ability. While an ideal stallion to use with Warmblood-type mares, Oman will also add size and bone to the refined Arabians and Thoroughbred-type mares.

Oman is registered with the North American Shagya Society, North American Hungarian Horse Association, and the American Warmblood Society. His offspring may also be registered into the mare's registry. He is an International Arabian Horse Association Sweepstakes Nominated Sire. He is licensed and 100-day stallion performance tested with the International Sporthorse Registry and Oldenburg N.A. Foals can be presented for registration in any of these registries.


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